Who We Are?

Like each one of you who is either looking out for some services or ones providing the services, SN Software Labs has one major question that we believe needs to be answered appropriately.

SN Software Labs is an integrated team of the most authentic people who are guided by the spirit of oneness and who promise to challenge their skills to the extent where the answer lies just beyond us. We at SN Software Labs are equipped with the most appropriate and needed technical skills which are extremely well coupled with our social skills to understand the need of a particular aspect that people look forward to.

While we abide by all our principles we also make sure that we amend anything that does not suit the customer’s requirements. We do not restrict ourselves to the traditional aspects of software and believe that everything that is made is ,made for the customers, therefore we at SN Software Labs promise to deliver only what is required and expected by our customers.

The question “Who We Are” is not only for our customers to understand more about us but also for us to understand that we have certain rules to follow and goals to achieve which are never to be compromised. We make sure that our quality of services matches the price that our customers pay.

Our Mission, Our Goals

SN Software Labs is a developing organization and over the next few years we expect to accomplish a lot in terms of experience and expertise of our employers. We are experts in whatever we take up and never hesitate to perform and deliver what is best for our customers and for us.

In order to give best results to all or clients, we have set certain goals for us.

Short Term Goals of SN Software Labs: To work in a consistent manner in order to promote good will among the employees and the employers, thus making sure that every effort that is put in becomes an advantage for the company and its efficient team.

Long Term Goals of SN Software Labs:

  • To have a team of the most qualified members, all of who have the necessary certifications in their respective fields.
  • To make sure that the quality of work that is provided to the client is above the basic satisfaction version of what was demanded.
  • To make sure that everybody in the team works in set guidelines and deliver their work without causing delay.
  • To make sure that there is an environment of friendliness and that the spirit of competition does not promote any ill feeling between the members of the team.
  • To make sure that the company becomes a benchmark for all those who are trying hard to promote similar products and services like ours.

Mission: Guided by one common mission, SN Software Labs strives to become the one stop destination for all your needs, providing services of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Build and release management as well as of Developing Configuration and Management.

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